Bombastic, explosive and totally out of this world

Fire is his element through and through. Adrenaline runs through his veins. His eyes twinkle with mischief. Hubertus Wawra, The Master of Hellfire, amazes, has you trembling, shaking and laughing. Like no other he bewitches the audience with his humour, charm and dexterity.

His talent is untouchable. Nothing is quite as it seems which guarantees a top class show-experience. Everything is unified to a grand picture that is second to none. Those of you who have seen a lot of shows and think you know the entertainment business – prepare to be disabused. The combination of comedy, pyrotechnics and skiploader artistry is unique. He’s a grand comedian and a highly talented pyrotechnician whose CV includes several world records. His pink earthmover „The Bunny Checker“ pirouettes on two wheels as this exceptional stage artist fans the flames of his show’s opening routine, soon followed by a quick succession of wordbombs to leave his audience blushing and laughing as The Master of Hellfire coaxes the audience from its shell with his exagerated punchlines and earthy humour. The girls cheer for this charming Thuringian with his bullying machismo while the men fall crazily in love with his 2.5 tonne pink earthmover as it spins in rapid circles spitting fire as it turns.

You are quite literally playing with fire as this cutting edge showman carries you away to a world of illusion and artistry. Stunning, funny and playful he is perhaps the king of his genre.His bravery takes he and you to the very edge of political correctness. He says what everyone is thinking and so the audience follows his trail of sarcasm and looseness to fever pitch and beyond. The fastest fire-eater in the world loves this risky business. 39 torches in 30 seconds – a world record! And things get hotter still when he runs an electric grinder over his body – just for fun!! He shares the fun with his audience too, inviting one „lucky“ member to come on stage and face his unique gigantic flamethrower while this spunky womaniser speaks his mind and detonates more firebombs of high spirited insanity.

And now the giant Pink Bunny Earthmover with its flapping ears and bobtailed exhaust joins the sea of surreality. All 2.5 tonnes of it dancing and balancing as if on a knife-edge of hilarity as The Master of Hellfire proves he is this world’s only Bunny whisperer – straining and taming the diesel beast till the Bunny Checker’s heart is broken to his will. The enormous scoop is filled with fire as flames spit out to warm and warn the front rows of onlookers. It seesaws from front wheels to back as it tangoes with your mind. Hubertus Wawra provides a show which is energetic, original and always tailored to the venue or event. Audiences love his adlibs and improvisations which add a sense of danger to his carefully choreographed routines.

A certified pyrotechnician The Master of Hellfire brings the heat to any kind of performance and makes it unforgettable. He can help you create a show from the ground up which will simply be – incomparable.


· Circus and variety entertainment:
Circus FlicFlac; Da Capo Varieté; Dinner for fun; Hamburger Schmidt Theater, Riga Circus, Arlette Gruss, Europa-Park

· TV:
Geld oder Liebe, WDR; Achtung Hartwich, RTL; ZDF Fernsehgarten; Galileo, ProSieben; Guinness World Record Shows in Deutschland (RTL), China, Japan und Indien; Le Grand Cabaret du Monde, Frankreich

· Galas:
ADAC Supercross; Ergo Direktversicherungen; SKL Show – Tag des Glücks; Sportlerball Gera; IHK Dresden; Still Gabelstapler; Hentschke Bau; BTI Ingelfingen, NEEB, Nüßing, Horror Glam Night at Europa-Park